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International Conference on Cultured Meat 2017

3 - 5 September 2017, Maastricht | Join us for the 3rd Scientific Conference on Cultured Meat where you meet and interact with world class colleagues in scientific of the exciting application of cell culture and tissue engineering tor food. Food applications force us to rethink scale, resource effectiveness and environmental impact of cell culture and tissue engineering. They also bring these traditional medical technologies together with disciplines such as food technology,meat science and behavioral sciences. The conference is a unique, multidisciplinary event focusing on a specific application,Cultured Meat. The previous 2 editions were very successful and highly appreciated exactly because of the range of disciplines present,creating a lively atmosphere and debate. We invite scientist from all disciplines related to culturing meat tor two days of exchange, interactive stimulation and debate on the best way to move science forward on cultured meat towards a solution to global food insecurity,livestock related environmental impact and animal welfare concerns. We particularly want to give young scientists the opportunity to share their ideas and experience.

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